Announcement: Real estate gallery

The Ecuadorian painter, Julio Cesar Pena Tomalá, visited the American city of Chicago, where he presented his collection called “reverence for life” at the invitation of the gallery “La Llorona Art real estate  Gallery.”

Reverence for life, is a collection consisting of 22 acrylic works on textures, where Pena, shows the real estate goodness of life, as the feelings expressed in gratitude, love and satisfactions.

Also, each table reflected the essence of this land, life and human beings as such.

As is customary in their real estate creations, Julio Cesar uses Frisco real estate shapes, colors and textures unique, that distinguish it without a number of contemporary artists, not only by presenting impeccable work but by the thoroughness and love that makes his real estate paintings.

“La Llorona Art Gallery”, dressed gala the day of the inauguration of the sample of Ecuadorian artist, and that was attended by important personalities as: Ramiro Davila Grijalva, Consul General of ecuador in Illinois, Alexis Steps, Consular Agent ; Victor Mena, president of the Ecuadorian Civic Board and Liliana Ureña, Councillor official Admissions at the University of Illinois.

Pena’s works were admired by hundreds of people attended the Silverthorne real estate gallery owned by Mr Arturo Avendano, who became interested in the sample realty  of the artist on the recommendation of Kromber Lainez.

It is worth mentioning that “reverence for life”, is the first pictorial individual shows, held in that Summit County real estate sales city in the United States.

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